Friday, May 9, 2008

Digital Koubou

Hey guys, it's Dom aka D~tan and whatever you want to call me 8) Long time no talk, but I've been busy.

I got news from DJ Hirocky of Akiba Koubou that they just released a new batch of stuff up at Digital Koubou:, mostly stuff that will be featured on the Natsu Monogatari 2008 release!

Here's the new stuff:
MI-NA - God Knows...【AKBK EURO MIX】: Javier was quite curious about this song since seeing it on Remixy's chart. Well here it is, and it was also taught at SEF Deluxe during Golden Week as well.
SHIHORI - Shangri-la & Cruel Angel Thesis: Shangri-la is a cover of the original song by Angela, and I'm sure all of you know Cruel Angel Thesis.
Sunplaza Nakano feat. DJ Yossy - Bye Bye Paragirl: Extremely popular, brought to you by the guy who sang the *ORIGINAL* Paraholic, not the crap one by that stupid Rina chick from last year.
TH Shimai (Sisters) - Ai ga Tomaranai: Original song is by WINK, not Pink Lady like I originally posted!!! I think these girls are magazine models from Osaka?
Urumi You - Touch: Yes, this girl singing it is an AV Idol so don't go looking her up on Google unless you are in the mood for being pervy 8)... This is a cover of a famous anime song (well, like almost all of the other tracks too...) and the dance is by Star Fire.
Haruka - Sousei no Aquarion (Genesis Of Aquarion): Totally sick of all of these anime songs, but this is like, SUPER SUPER SUPER POPULAR right now! It's going to be on both 9LoveJ compilations this summer.

For those unfamiliar with this system, the way you use it is to download the zip and launch the file in Windows Media Player. Following the old @music system, you have to pay for the license while registering for the license.

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