Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Single From Disko Warp

Disko Warp Records Presents: Lolitabot / “Lolitabot”

"In a world where aection can be deadly, and
love can destroy... one petite mechanical
companion, programmed for cute, can be
Armaggeddon. On April 27, 2019, the Lolitabot
will love Tokyo... to DEATH!"

The masterminds at Disko Warp Records
(responsible for Fright Ranger's runaway smash
"Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire" and the cult internet
favorite "Less Than Three" by Becky) once again
bring their trademark one-two-punch of cute,
witty lyrics and devastating bass in another
happy hardcore anthem, "Lolitabot". With songs
featured in the Dance Dance Revolution Universe
series, tracks being favored by hardcore DJ's
throughout the world, a collaboration with
legendary Swedish dance group, and
internet video views reaching into the millions,
the Disko Warp songwriting & production team
have carved a unique niche for themselves in the
world of dance music.

Downloads available NOW from iTunes Music
Store, CDBaby, and other digital distributors!
1. Lolitabot (Initial P Remix)
2. Lolitabot (Disko Warp Radio Edit)
3. Lolitabot (Disko Warp Extended Mix)
4. Lolitabot (Acapella)

It's really quite fantastic. I've enjoyed it alot and I recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Dancemania SPEED. It made me reminiscent (yeah I can't spell) of Speedogang - Speedy Love from Dancemania SPEED 5. So go on and purchase this great track. It's well worth the price!!!

Also worth the mention and download is the album Super Euro Freak Vol. 1 on the iTunes marketplace.
Super Euro Freak Vol. 1
1.Ivana Jump - Nama Biiru (Eurofighter Mix)
2.Lisa Versach - Electric Love (Disko Warp Remix)
3.Hana - Blue Sky (Eurobeat Extended)
4.Amicoz - Stay (Disko Warp Air Raid Mix)
5.Bellik - Dance On Fire (Eurobeat Extended)
6.Maximum Power - Rockin' Love (Shunjenny Re-Edit)
7.Nevada - Rock Me Forever (Firebounce Remix)
8.Amicoz - Love Hotel (Firebounce Remix)
9.David Kane - Stargate To Heaven (Firebounce Remix)
10.Wynona - Angel (Firebounce Remix)
11.Sarah May - Stop Me Falling Down (Firebounce Remix)
12.Santa Maria - Hung Up (Teknovision Remix)
13.XROSS - Touch Me (Teknovision Remix)
14.Techno Venus - You Got It (Teknovision Remix_
15.Dr Hope - Bitch Is A Bitch (Doctor's Cut)

So yeah good stuff on iTunes.
Later all!

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