Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Disko Warp presents Speedisko

This is a new dance comp from Disko Warp, non genre specific each release would contain about 10 tracks (classics, covers/remixes and new tracks). It should be out sometime in May. Also Bellik from Super Euro Freak may be making an appearance, so you know that will be a hot track. And if the Initial P Remix of Deadbeat Boyfriend is anything like Lolitabot I will be very excited. :)

Confirmed tracks:
"Fancy Pants" / Kick & Punch
"I Love You Goodbye" / Sonatia
"One Two Three" / Lydia Nurbs
"Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (Ricardo Autobahn 7" Remix) / Fright Ranger
"Never Gonna Give You Up" / A-Low
"Deadbeat Boyfriend (Initial P Remix)" / Lucky Princess

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