Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dance The MegaMax Survivor 2009 -Summertime Edition-

Normally I only make one of these a year but I got bored and have been listening to more dance music than just eurobeat so I decided to make a second one. I made this back in May/June of this year and just didn't get around to uploading it till now... I think I'll make a third one.... As you can see some of the track have been posted on the blog as recommended tracks. Yeah.... Anyways comment on it and enjoy

1.Manian - Welcome To The Club
2.Impressione - Romeo & Juliet (J-Mix)
3.Ma.Bra - Valentino Mon Amour
4.Kandystand - Love Invasion
5.Diva DJs vs Nicki French - Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Saint Club Remix)
6.Gina G - Ooh Aah Just A Little Bit (Spit & Polish Energise 12" Mix)
7.Flo Rida - Right Round (Radio Edit)
8.Pitbull - I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)
9.MGMT - Kids (Soulwax Remix)
10.Nick Lachey - Patience (Mike Rizzo Funk Generation Mix)
11.Velvet - Chemistry
12.MC Boy - Beautiful (M.B. Remix)
13.Avenue - Last Goodbye (Spencer And Hill Remix)
14.Guru Josh Project - Infinity (Klass Vocal Mix)
15.Dance Nation vs Shaun Baker - Sunshine 2009
16.Wynona Judd - Sing (Jody Den Broeder Mix)
17.BWO - You're Not Alone (Skyylab Mix)
18.Lasgo - Gone
19.DJ Jaxx - Billie Fever
20.Cascada - Evacute The Dancefloor (UltraBeat Remix)

Download Dance The MegaMax Survivor 2009 -Summertime Edition-

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