Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dance Kids Disney Tracklist


01. Aloha E Komo Mai (Japanese Version) / SmileR feat. Chika
02. Naminamina 〜スティッチ元気ヴァージョン〜 / Academy★Kids feat. Miwako with Miyu, Haruka, Hina
03. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah / 鈴木亜美
04. We're All in This Together / AAA
05. Main Street Electrical Parade / Suzy Cream Cheese
06. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (EUROBEAT Remix) / AAA
07. Naminamina (EUROBEAT Remix) / Academy★Kids feat. Miwako with Miyu, Haruka, Hina
08. Mickey Mouse March (Young Kids Extended Mix) / DOMINO
09. Macho Duck / DOMINO
10. Heigh-Ho / Matt Land
11. Winnie the Pooh / King & Queen
12. A Whole New World / Dave & Domino
13. When You Wish upon a Star / Lolita
14. It’s a Small World / ABeatC All Stars

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Speedisko 2 Review

Speedisko 2

1.Becky - I Wanna Be A Ninja (Speedisko Version)
Some of you may remember the Becky alias from the track Dumb Boys and the cult smash hit Less Than Three. This is a nice Dancemania Speed style number with sounds like it would be home on DDR. What I like about this track is that it has a balance of the very professional sounding style of Speed while still maintaining it's original indie/amatuer flair. So while you may have the "commercial" style synth and such it still very much incorporates the classic Disko Warp shenanigans that fans have grown to love and adore about this label. While I can't say this is one to top Less Than Three it's definitely a very excellent track and I would find it very hard to imagine a remix package not happening for this track

2.JUSTiNB Feat. Charlotte - Need To Find You (Initial P 2010 Remake)
JUSTiNB and I go way back and he is probably more well known for his remix of Sexy Vampire, (by the way you should check out his speed cover of Rihanna's Umbrella and We Are Brothers Forever) and this remix by Initial P is pretty interesting. I can't say I've heard the original so I don't have anything to compare it too. It has almost like a trancecore vibe (that's the right wording right?) It's nothing extremely amazing. The only down sound is the vocals has too much echo/reverb and basically that have that much substance to them. Aha! Now I know the style I trying to think of... It reminds me of JAKAZiD style tracks like his tracks Wicked Plastic and his remix of Memorial Address. Like I said it's pretty okay but not stand out. Could use better work on the vocals.

3.Foxxie - Don't Don't Go Away (Ian K Remix)
And the 3rd Speed track in a row. This release is leaving up to its name more than the first Speedisko! This track very much reminds me of Sexy Vampire. Maybe it's the style of vocals/vocalist? It's definitely got the singalong factor and a nice rave feel to it. I can imagine crowds going crazy to this track. At the same time though it's weird because after the first run though it kind of just repeats itself and not in the good way. I found myself bored very quickly. Maybe some sort of mixup in the middle or temporary change of style to keep things fresh? It was a decent attempt.

4.Kick & Punch - Space Space Shooter (Disko Warp Brand New Remix)
And with this track the tempo comes down to a eurotranceybeat style. Many may remember the Cusimo & Co. Remix of it on DDR Universe 2. Gallopping beats, trance synths used in a eurobeat style and probably some of the most catchy and infectious lyrics in a Disko Warp song ever are what you can expect in this new remix. It even has a chiptune section for a bit! While I was okay with the previous versions of this track I have to say this is definitive my favorite of them all. The Brand New Remix definitely picks up the slack on this release. I would love to see more 2010 Remixes of Space Space Shooter!

5.Sonatia - I Love You Goodbye Javy's Choice
A new eurobeat track with a synth style that may have many thinking of Plum/Fantasy tracks. Also in a left turn I did not expect was a set of deep female vocals. I was definitely expecting more helium autotuned vocals. The vocals aren't perfect. They could be a smidge louder and a bit stronger but the talent is definitely there. Though if I could pick a indie singer to do the vocals I'd pick SEPH friend Travis/Odyssey/Ken Blast. Of course the production would stay untouched because it's just that brilliant. Worthy of being on a Super Eurobeat album. I totally adore this track.

6.Thomas Howard Litchenstein - Keep It Real (Disko Warp TechPara Version)
Tooooonight is.... The niiiiiiiiiiiight for... I looooooooooooove yooooooooooooou.
Yes that THL! Anyways, as far as I know this is Disko Warp's first forray into make techpara tracks. Again production wise this is FABOLUS! When I read the track listing and saw "TechPara Version" I honestly did not know what style of techno to expect? Would they do a rave style stomp NRG style that SCP does? The eurodance/techhouse style from DIMA? The psuedo wanna be metal style from Sound & Vision or the techno/rave/hiphop from Sinclairestyle. The answer lies somewhere between the DIMA Style and the SCP. It totally works. It doesn't try to overdo it self like techpara can sometimes. The vocals have a 90s eurodance flair. The music sounds like it be straight of the techpara sections from a LovePara2 CD. THL sounds great for the most part though in certain sections he sounds very 2D against some very lively 3D soundworlds. Anyways like I said. FAB! Hey Pete I would for an extended mix cause 4 minutes is way too short for this gem aha.

7.Initial P - My Life Is So Crazy
With this track you get some definite UK Hardcore instrumental flavor going on here. As you can guess there are vocals and that is totally fine. Normally with instrumental tracks I get bored because of the lack of vocals to spice things up. However this track does a fantastic job of keeping itself varied. HEY KONAMI IF THIS TRACK ISN'T IN DDR X3 OR WHATEVER IS THE NEXT PLANNED DDR THEN YOU ARE STUPID! The step chart on this would AMAZING. It would have to be on principle.

8.Peroxide Mocha - Don't Have My Baby (Chris Jay Radio Edit) Javy's Choice
Is it wrong that the artist time really makes want to go to Starbucks? For a muffin??.... Random I know. Anyways again when reading the tracklist and I saw Chris Jay's name again I didn't what to expect because last time I reviewed a remix of his I pretty much hated it to almost every degree. So a part of me was just expecting more awful. Well I am dead wrong with this track. Growing up with 90s eurodance, this remix totally hit my musical G-Spot. Motiv8 and Culture Beat would be proud of this remix. Had this track been released in 95, Peroxide Mocha would be a household name in the eurodance scene. The vocals have this quality of being sensual while knowing the vocalist has contempt for you if that makes sense. While this track don't really have any of the trademark stylings of Disko Warp, it's just that much genius it doesn't matter. Okay I'll stop gushing over it now.

Overall: So the album started off strong then got a bit shaky but definitely got super awesome by the end. I Wanna Be A Ninja (Speedisko Version) sums up the album. You got the indie Disko Warp sound melded with very commercial/professional styles. It works for the most part! Definitely a recommended purchase for dance fans who love hi-bpm tracks. Those hoping for more slower tracks like the first Speedisko might be left wanting more though.

Buy it today on iTunes!

Much Love,

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Campus Summit 2010 Tracklist

Campus Summit 2010
4th August 2010

3. Carry On / Caramel Pod
4. Garden / May J.
5. Last Chance / GTS feat. Baby M
6. KISS KISS KISS / Ami Suzuki
7. I Gotta Feeling / Orangez
9. BE WITH YOU / 梅田直樹 featuring Joy
10. Happy Birthday feat. -DJ K.Ando & Overhead Champion- / ゆまち&愛奈
11. 応援歌!「アゲぽよ~♪」 / ゆまち & 愛奈 feat.渋谷 GAL's
12. なんかちょうだい ~PLEASE GIVE ME SOMETHING~ / 大阪プリン(東京プリン& YURIMARI)
13. 熱く 暑く アツく恋 ~misery of love~ / ICHIDAI
14. Seeds of dream / GIRL NEXT DOOR
15. independent / ayumi hamasaki
16. 恋しさとせつなさと心強さと -β version mix- / m.o.v.e
17. Dream After Dream ~夢から醒めた夢~ / AAA
18. HOT LIMIT / U☆Scream (by Naoki Umeda)
19. survival dAnce ~no no cry more~ /TRF
20. Terminator ~Ck Style~ / RAYTO
21. 上海麗舞 / 上海三姉妹
26. 1,000 Views feat. mimi-K / YUMMY × Tomoharu Moriya
27. Rise Over / NATSUYO feat. Alexandra Prince
28. littlestar / Floor on the Intelligence feat. May J.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Enrique Iglesias ft Pitbull - I Like It (Cahill Remix Edit)

Okay so I really like this track. It's very eurodanceyt and it's pumpin' with lots of energy and Enrique's vocals sound hot and Pitbull sounds great as usual. This is totally my summer jam and making its way into my next mix.