Sunday, November 9, 2008

Some Unreleased SCP Music

So I was online browsing and found some unreleased SCP Music that hasn't been on previous lists around on the net so here they are

??? - The Snake Around
??? - You Guys (Techno?)
??? - Noise & The Sound (Techno?)
??? - Forever Fly
??? - I'll Be The Star
??? - Promised Discoland
Momo - Send Me An Angel
Ace feat La Gatta - Feel The Beat
Cypher - Vicious Angel
Dark Evil feat Tanith - Heaven Or Hell
Dark Evil feat Tanith - Screamin' Rebel
Pamsy & Jay Lehy - Give It All Up To Me
Fastway - Monsters Ready
The Snake - Blades Of Fire
Irene - Gimme Love
Dalindah - Guru Light
Dalindah - Tekno Rise


  1. hey... how did u get 'em?

  2. Was Cypher - Be Gone ever added to a list? I don't see it there.

    I'm dying to hear Heaven or Hell in good quality. That track is sweet. ♥

  3. I didn't include Be Gone because this is actually my second list of unreleased SCP tracks and Be Gone is on my first list from around January of this year.