Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Super Euro Power Hour Episode #026

Episode 26 is up for download. Javy, Jorge and Phil review 192 and VIP Hybrid. as well as the normal offtopic tagent banter as always.


  1. I may not be Japanese but I study it and Javi you're not butchering the language as much ;P

    Why don't you guys actually grade new tracks that aren't SEB? I understand that it's a nonstop CD but it doesn't mean it has to get the short end of the stick because the essence of the track is still there. The new VIP had some of the gems of 2008 yet all you gave was a hit or miss...

    Overall good discussion over most of the tracks (SEB and VIP side)! I LOVE YOU PHIL ♥

  2. I guess we don't grade the nonstop CDs because I feel it would make an already too long podcast even longer. Maybe that'll change in 2009...