Monday, February 9, 2009

International SEB Sales?

After speaking with Domino regarding mu-mo/morawin, iTunes, and general difficulty international fans face while trying to purchase new Eurobeat, I received this reply:

Domino: I talked with Albert Contini about this big problem and he talked also with Avex. This is the answer for you and for the eurobeat fans:

"SCP, GOGO's and ABeatC gave AVEX permission to sell their tracks worldwide, while some other labels didn't. This means that for the moment you can only download some artist's albums (from SCP, GOGO'S and ABeatC) on international iTunes, but not SEB compilations. If you cannot download SEB compilations outside Japan, this is not due to AVEX policy, but due to labels who want to sell their tracks outside Japan by themselves to turn better profit. I hope you understand the situation."

What do you think?
- Phil

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  1. That makes sense, since if you're selling it through another company, that company is going to get a percentage of sales. We're already seeing this happen with Saifam, Delta and HRG.

    Hopefully this also means that some Hyper Techno tracks will appear on iTunes in the future since most of the Hyper Techno stuff is from SCP, ABeatC and SinclaireStyle (and a Niko album also did appear, hopefully a D.Essex album is also on the way *winkwink*). Though I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for it to happen.