Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oh Avex you frustrate me so...

Avex seems to make some interesting choices lately... (read that however way you will good or bad), and it's been frustrating for alot of people. Especially us non-japanese folk. At first the introduction of 7A/Nanae to Super Eurobeat as the director seemed promising with great albums like SEB 191 and 191 were the labels were fairly balanced for the most part, but now with the label balance of 194 being a bit ridiculous (really 7A, 4 tracks for Eurogrooves... and Sinclairestyle and Saifam left out?). As well as the fact that 7A feels StarFire isn't important enough to parapara to be considered official Avex choreographers anymore. Is she trying to kill parapara? (Maybe a bit overdramatic but come on...) And now Mu-Mo.net downloads are now exclusively processed through morawin.jp which completely screws over overseas patrons of SEB who can only afford the previous available legit downloads via mu-mo.net. It would be one thing if they did that and then maybe offered SEB on a worldwide service like iTunes, but they seem perfectly content with just a small japanese audience? I honestly don't know what to think of them anymore. It seems everytime they take one step forward, then end up taking 3 steps backwards. Now I may have never been a huge supporter of digital media downloads but I do appreciate what they offer to people who do prefer them. And it's seems a bit unfair to their loyal overseas customers. Recently they added the extended versions for 67 of the tracks on WLTP 70songs 70mins, which has some amazing tracks (Workaholic, B Gone etc) and now American Hyper Techno fans like myself or not allowed access to them?
If any one from Avex is reading. Please share your side of the story. We just want to understand why foreigns are being cut off. Silence just causes a bigger disconnect between the company and the fans. Please I welcome you with all respect and honor intended.

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  1. Uh, which one of you wrote that? XD

    Well said regardless. I don't agree that Nanae is doing a bad job but everything else was spot on.

    Oh how I wish avex would pay attention to us gaijin in a good way for once.