Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Unreleased Sound & Vision

So I got bored and did some browsing of ASCAP and some of these may interest DJ Zorro fans while make everyone else groan or indifferent...

Black List Feat Mr. Lust - Lust For Life
Black List Feat La Cima - Here We Go
Black List Feat La Cima - Rhaspody
DJ Zorro - Barcelona
DJ Zorro - Boom Boom
DJ Zorro - Dragon
DJ Zorro - El Pueblo
DJ Zorro - El Toro
DJ Zorro - Hasta MaƱana *WLTP6*
DJ Zorro - La Mala Suerte
DJ Zorro - La Mano Negra
DJ Zorro - Lolita Morena
DJ Zorro - Maldido
DJ Zorro - Muchacha
DJ Zorro - Mundo *WLTP6*
DJ Zorro - Te Lo Pongo
DJ Zorro - Vaya Con Dios
DJ Zorro vs La Cima - La Isla Bonita
La Cima - El Vuelo 888
La Cima - Te Extrano Te Olvido Te Amo (This may not really be the same La Cima seeing as Ricky Martin also did this track as well... but who knows)

So there is some interesting stuff I see...

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