Friday, March 20, 2009

Disko Warp meets Sakuma Hitomi & J-Girls

Album Title: "Disko Warp meets Sakuma Hitomi & J-Girls"
Artists: Hitomi Sakuma, Eryko, akemi & more!!
Release: April 2009

U.S.A.-based Hi-NRG/Eurobeat/Happy Hardcore project Disko Warp has been contracted to remix songs from Japan's Musicrush label. This album is scheduled to be released in April 2009, and will include brand new remixes of Sakuma Hitomi, Eryko, and more. Musicrush's songs have been featured on dance compilations from Farm, Avex, Universal and more. Disko Warp's releases include the internet cult favorite "Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire" by Fright Ranger, which has sold over 10,000 digital downloads to date. Track list to be announced.


Totally forgot to mention this like a month ago ^^;
But this seems interesting. I enjoyed what they did with Electric Love and Stay from Akyr so I am looking forward to this.

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