Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New HRG Maxi Singles on Juno

The first was Mara Nell - Hot Gal being released as a single this past week. Starting on Friday more singles will be released
They are....
May 01 2009
Cha La La Fire - Nick Turbo
Lanceloto Play My Koto - Franz Tornado & The NIghts O fThe Squared Table
On The Road Again To The Show - Remy Panther
Bitter Rockets - Jeff Driller
Hi-Speed Mania - Cy-Ro
May 08 2009
Anthem - Nick Turbo
I Feel Like A Molotov - Mad Cow
City Is Burning - Garcon
Vroom Vroom Supercar - Black Eva
Ike Ike 2009 - Bazooka Girl
Mad Dog - Joe Banana
May 15 2009
Stuka - Franz "Van Kortoffen" Torando & The Bombadier Girls
Si La Do - Pistol Girl

As always its the extended mix, acapella, instrumental and last versions.

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