Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Captain Jack - Dream A Dream

So it's been 10 years since Captain Jack released the single "Dream A Dream". So it seems fitting that AATW (at least I believe its AATW) is re-releasing the single but with some new remixes. I am not sure when it is being released but I imagine its by the end of the year if they wanna get that 10th anniversary thing going for them. Also of note and I am extremely late on this but the CJ team is planning another album entitled Rewind To The 90s with the single being Captain Jack (Remix 2009).

Captain Jack - Dream A Dream

1. Radio Edit 3:46
2. Flip & Fill Mix 5:02
3. Dreamdance Mix 5:31
4. Hands Up Mix 5:24
5. Alex K Mix 6:16
6. Cheeky Trax Mix 7:02
7. Kenny Hayes Blue Sphere Mix 6:16

Dream A Dream (Handz Up Remix)


  1. shite, cant stand fnp total crap

  2. Dream a Dream has been released and the new video is now on Clubland TV.