Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Darren Styles & Manian - Outta My Head

So I randomly came across this today and I think its pretty kick ass if you still like this style of dance music. It was released about a week ago in germany through Zoo Digital

1 Outta My Head (Manian Video Edit) 3:25
2 Outta My Head (DJ Gollum Radio Edit) 3:13
3 Outta My Head (KC Caine Radio Edit) 3:40
4 Outta My Head (Manian Extended Mix) 4:42
5 Outta My Head (DJ Gollum Remix) 4:46
6 Outta My Head (KC Caine Remix) 5:08
7 Outta My Head (Westend DJs Remix) 6:14
8 Outta My Head (E-Tech Remix) 6:14
9 Outta My Head (Immerze Remix) 7:00
10 Outta My Head (Fugitive's Meltdown Remix)


  1. I'm very conflicted about this track when it came out. I'm a Darren fan, and while I know that majority of his tracks are usually vocoded I was shocked at how blatant and evident it was here. What he did for the hardcore version also spiced it up imo.

    In any case, it's definitely grw on me since and I'm not so much an angry fanboy anymore as compared to before =P

  2. I heard the hardcore version and it sounded weaker to me I dunno but this song definitely got my mixing juices pumping so I am excited =D
    It also made me wish Darwin would release a full extended of Why Not from DDR