Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cascada - Pyromania

So Cascada has a new single coming out called Pyromania, it leaked a week or two ago and AATW had an OH SHIT moment because it's not supposed to be out yet. Anyways I didnt check but just based on the way it sounds it's another RedOne Production... I mean like damn it sounds like Poker Face alot and I don't mean melodically. Just that its the same instruments and it even has a ma ma ma ma part as well. ANyways its the first single off her new album.

Here is the tracklist for the promo
1. Radio Edit
2. Cahill Radio Edit
3. Extended Mix
4. Cahill Club Remix
5. Spencer & Hill Airplay Remix
6. Wideboys Stadium Remix
7. Frisco Club Remix


  1. This is pure crap! Worse video & song of 2010.

  2. what? this is a great song and nat looks better than ever