Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eurobeat News

So some of you my noticed that in SEB 203 Try Me by Dave Rodgers is listed as Sun Fire Records. Well that's because Dave Rodgers left ABeatC and founded SunFire Records with an unnamed producer. This begs the question as to who will take over ABeatC. I gather Contini will still take care of admin duties? Will Majorana and Futura take over as lead producers? I've had the sneaking suspicion that Majorana was producing under Dave's old Alkogan alias.
Also in new 7A recently found this in the archive

That's Dave Rodgers - The Race Is The Game. Written by Giancarlo Pasquini. Produced by Dave Rodgers & Sandro Oliva.
1.Extended Version 5:30
2.Extended (Al??? ver) 5:30
3.SEB Version 4:29
4.SEB (Al??? ver) 4:29
5.INST Version 5:55
6.Acapella 2:00
7.Acapella (Al??? ver) 2:00
She states that she will try to include this track in a future SEB.
Lastly she also says that for SEB 204 not only will extended version be available to download fromiTunes but instrumental versions as well... There has certainly been a wealth of information let out lately... Maybe a more transparent Avex? Or maybe 7A finally has a plan?


  1. This is certainly interesting news. Who the hell is Majorana? Whoever this person is, it clears up why the Alkogan tracks tend to be better than the Rodgers produced tracks and have a distinctly different taste/vibe/style to them.

    I'm confused, I thought ABeatC was Rodgers baby under the general umbrella of Contini? I didn't think one could leave their own label =P

  2. They finally start posting in the diary again after over a year of drought! Hopefully they actually keep this up and post information as interesting as these last few ones.

  3. @Alex: Majorana is Riccardo Majorana aka Rich Hard. He cowrote tracks like Pirates and Into The Game.