Tuesday, January 22, 2008

DJ Gun

Why is DJ Gun so in love with whoring out the same songs over and over again? Why does Avex insist on him butchering tracks for vinyl? I mean sure LovePara repeats songs but that's mainly because most of the time it's a different mixer and they get to choose the songs... Argh... it's frustrating that DJ Gun is stifling the eurobeat and parapara scene with these repeats, edits and all his general shenanigans... In case you haven't noticed Avex, Love Para is doing better than your series... please wake up and get back on track. You are doing a disservice to all eurobeat fans and producers with the repeats, your hatred of foreigners and butchering tracks for the vinyls.



  1. Vented a little bit of frustration in that rant? ;P

  2. Yeah you can say I was a bit frustrated... Avex have been screwing over their fans for too long though...