Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Unreleased AbeatC & GoGos Music

So I did some more digging and I found... well more!

Alice - High & High
Annalise - Dream Of Love
Annalise - Feel It In Your Heart
Annalise - Litte Desire
Annalise - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Tonight
Annalise - say say say
Betty feat. Annalise - The One For Me
Brian Ice - Stars Are Falling
Brian Ice - Time To Say Goodbye
Dave & Nuage - Make Love To You In My Car
Dave Rodgers - The Race Is The Game
Digital Planet - Take My desire
Digital Planet Feat. Annalise - Digital People
Domino - Call Me
Freddy R - Welcome Back To The Future
Giorgia V - Go Cosplay
Go Go Girls - People Of The World
Go Go Girls - It's Anybody Guess
Go Go Girls feat. Kiko Loureiro - My Body Looses Control
King & Queen - Dance Europe Express
King & Queen - Go Go Go Baby Go
Lolita - Brand New Love
Lolita - Bye Bye Love
Lolita - Kiss Day
Lolita - Possibility
Manuel - Dance It Again
MaryJane - Highday
Mega NRG Man - Break Out Fire
Mega NRG Man - DDD Initial D (My Car Is Fantasy)
Mega NRG Man - Found Love
Mega NRG Man - I'm Living In The Night
Mega NRG Man - Keep On Burning
Mega NRG Man - Lady Samurai
Mega NRG Man - People LIke Dancing
Mega NRG Man - Red Hot Planet
Mega NRG Man - Your Love Is Like A Medicine
Mega NRG Man - Up & Down Spind Me Like A Record
Mega NRG Man feat Domino - Back To 80's
Mel Rose - Mine
Meri - Baby Call Me Now
Meri feat Annalise - Listen To Me Baby
Norma Sheffield - Do You Really Wanna Love Me
Norma Sheffield - I'll Be Waiting
Neo - Go Go Wonder
Nick Key - I'll Burn You Out
Nuage - Goodmorning Sun
Nuage - Japanese True Love
Pink Star - I Wanna Be Your Love
Pink Star - Sweet Fire
Powerful T. - 7 Laps To Go
Powerful T. - Kelly
Powerful T. - Black Hole Sunrise
Powerful T. - Give Me Passion
Powerful T. - Beautiful Lover
??? - Victim Of You (Mickey B?)

This is what I found so far.... my I get so bored... maybe I should be doing homework.... nah....



  1. No wonder they're whoring out Mega NRG Man lately, heh.

    You can also find SCP's ASCAP profile with a bunch of unreleased songs. Though keep in mind that all of those tracks (including about half of A-Beat C's) date back to mid-late 2006 at the latest.

  2. I agree 100%.... He's so whored out that his ass needs a transplant. But you know what they say - "Good things come to those that chill"

  3. I actually looked up SCP before AbeatC haha and found some interesting tracks including some new techno tracks like People Geda Hyper and whatnot.

  4. Friend do u have ' Brian Ice - Stars Are Falling ' ??

  5. loucura locura super 100 Brian Ice - Stars Are Falling

  6. Somebody have ' Stars Are Fallin ' Please share with me!!!

    Best Wishes