Sunday, January 27, 2008

Super Euro Power Hour Radio: Dom's Techno Show

100% TECHPARA MUSIC!! Featuring: Hyper Techno, 90's Dance Pop and Juliana's 21 Techno.

Time Table (approximate):
5:00pm~45: we ♡ TechPara Techno
45~6:04: 90's Techno Part 1
6:05~25: Club Techno (Star Fire/B-1 Dynamite, Circle/Maniac, Magical Rave, etc)
25~45: TWO★HEARTS Techno
45~7:00pm: 90's Techno Part 2

Starts at 5pm PST TONIGHT!!! Since this is my first broadcast, I won't have any requests open. If I continue to do this show, then maybe it'll be open to it later 8)

Tracklists so people can follow along with the broadcast:
1. She's So Sexy
2. Fairy Dust
3. Black Leather (Pugera Mix)
4. Why
5. Set Me Free
6. Baila Gasolina
7. Highlight
8. U Turn Me On
9. overdrive
10. Vamos a Bailar
11. Vamos
12. Pedro
13. Pumpin'
14. Billy Jive
15. DJ Zorro Goes To London
16. Shout
17. Rocket Man
18. Free Your Mind
19. Rocking With Brave
20. Lo Squalo
21. Guess Who's Back
22. Express Your Freedom
23. Never Never Know
24. Moe Gals
25. I Come Alive
26. Hypercondriac
27. Destino
28. Fight Fire With Fire 2007
29. I Paralyze
30. On Fire
31. Vampire

90's Techno Set Part 1
1. Tokyo, Go!/John Robinson
2. Take It To The Top/Channel X
3. Have A Nice Day/2 The Core
4. Balloony/La Style
5. Success/94 Sale
6. Acid Tock/dj Spark
7. U&Me (B4 Za Beat Remix)/Cappella
8. Boom Boom Down/Gener8
9. Believe/Techno City
10. Move Your Body Baby/Eurogroove Feat. Final Touch
11. We Want You/More Deep

Club Set
1. Free Falling/Channel x
2. Go Away/Look Twice
3. Gotta Be Eazy/Eazy Bee
4. Down Da House/155th Street
5. Take Me Up/Encryptor
6. Es Todo Fuego/DJ Romero
7. 1-2-3-4 Rico/Masaha feat. Vito
8. Stay/Amicoz feat. D.Donna
9. You Wanna Put Me Down/Stormy Seven
10. Noise Maker (Shota Edit)/Metal Minded Maniacs
11. Take My Love/Fetish
12. Don't Give Up/Solid Base
13. Wild Heaven/Dave Rodgers feat. Dr. D.O.P.E.
14. Around Me/Movin' Tech
15. Fly (Cappella Remix)/2 Brothers On The 4th Floor

1. Age99/Age99
2. When Like Your Heart/Acid Angel
3. Bionic Sword/dela one
4. Samurai/Stormy Seven
5. Shake It/Stormy Seven
6. Baby I'm Yours/49ers
7. M7/Duzic
8. (I Need A) Miracle (Red Monster Remix)/Cascada
9. Mad Men/155th Street
10. Dance To The Beat/Korsiko
11. 乱舞 (Ranbu)/S.O.L
12. nobody (Raveman Mix)/More Deep

90's Techno Part 2
1. Night In Motion/Cubic 22
2. Bluster Bluster/D-line
3. Yum Yum (Adult Only Mix)/DJ Sick feat. Dr.D.O.P.E & Bulldozer
4. My Body/DJ H feat. Stefy
5. Tekno Shok/Harseniko
6. to be free/John Robinson feat. Jade 4 U
7. Anasthasia/T99
8. Scan Me/Eurogroove feat. Dominique
9. I Believe In The Power/JKBS
10. In The Name Of Love/RTZ feat. Mistri
11. Going 2 Dance (Starr Gazer Remix)/trf
12. Body 2 Body, Soul 2 Soul/Nuvo Riche feat. Samantha Gilles

1 comment:

  1. wow, great show Dom! Nice selection of songs hehe..
    Although i was kinda sad to see that there weren't any songs by Love Machine or any with, oh well.
    Sucks to hear that Waros and Fairy are breaking up too =[ (whats gonna happen to Rin lol).