Friday, April 11, 2008

Dance The MegaMax Survivor 2007

So those of you who knew me long before SEPH existed may know that I make nonstops for fun. One of my more popular ones were the Dance The MegaMax series in 2005. I took a break for a while. So I totally meant to upload this mix I made last summer but I never got around to it till today. So here you ago all I hope you enjoy this mix I made.

Dance The MegaMax Survivor 2007
1.Groove Coverage - 21st Century Digital Girl (Overhead Champion Remix)
2.Eddy Wata - La Bomba (Hi End Attack Mix)
3.Andrea & Baby Girls - Wake Up (Overhead Champion Remix)
4.Interface - You Raise Me Up (Euromix)
5.D.H.T. - Listen To Your Heart (Nasca Joker's Harmony Mix)
6.LOKI vs Verbalicious - Don't Play Nice (Zodiac Mix)
7.Squeeze Up feat. Teishan & Rod Fame - La Isla Bonita (Tropical Bounce Radio Edit)
8.Spike - Dance, Dance
9.3AM feat Tracey Cole - Stars Are Blind
10.Beatfreakz - Superfreak
11.Hannah Jones - Bridge Over Troubled Waters (Almighty Club Mix)
12.Ignition-X - The Same Old Scene
13.Candee Jay - Lose This Feeling (XXL Mix)
14.Lisa Abbott - You Give Love A Bad Name (United In Dance Mix)
15.Kim Sozzi - Break Up (Cascada Remix)
16.Cascada - Bad Boy (Cannon Cracker Remix)
17.Ultrabeat vs Scott Brown - Elysium [I Go Crazy] (Alex K Remix)

Download Link Here -->Dance The MegaMax Survivor 2007

Well comment if you like it or not. I am a big boy and can take well meant criticism.
Anyways I am off to record the new SEPH!

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  1. So I FINALLY got around to listening to it at the gym and it was perfect workout music ;D

    Knowing your usual mixing skills I was very impressed because I have to admit I was coming into this not expecting it be as good as it was. Beat-matched perfectly although sometimes tracks could have been queued better so the transitions wouldn't sound so busy if you know what I mean.

    Tracklist was awesome and part of the surprise factor cuz I was expecting like all trance and then the BPM dropped lol. that mix of 21st Century girl is SWEEET! I have to find it and get it =o

    Have you gotten equipment to mix or was this done on computer?

    Thanks for sharing Javi! ^^/