Wednesday, April 2, 2008

End Of An A-Beat C Era

It's very unfortunate to announce that Denise De Vincenzo aka Nuage is no longer at A-Beat C. She has left and is pursuing other interests. She has mentioned that she would be willing to return to eurobeat and work for other studios in the future if the Japanese wanted. Very sad news to report on the day that her latest single, Hey Hey is released on Super Eurobeat Volume 186. Please support your eurobeat artists and either download the album off Mu-Mo or purchase the CD from various online stores!



  1. Did this have anything to do with what you asked me for earlier Javi?

    In any case, while I'm definitely not her biggest fan, she will be missed considering she left quite an impression on the Eurobeat world. Here's hoping for a comeback in a few years like Annerly did not too long ago (minus being on every SEB like the omnipresent force that is Anniechan 8D).

  2. Had nothing to do with that (I asked for it for a school project). It does suck that Nuage is leaving since she had some great tracks. Maybe another label will ask her aboard part time.


  3. Just when I started to like her songs again too.

    Oh well, like Alex/DIE(D13)-TAN said, hopefully she comes back in a few years. 8D

  4. I guess maybe she didn't like the direction her songs were going? Dave turned her to a Norma copy near the end of her career with them... the last couple of songs have been good but I miss days of "Don't Wanna Lose You Baby" and "Baby Get My Fire Tonite".

    Hope another label picks her up, I know the Japanese fans will be upset.