Monday, April 7, 2008

To Art Matsuno, regarding your plans with SEB:

Dear Art Matsuno/Erica Tsunoda who will probably translate this for him,

Since becoming the new SEB director, there have been so many changes hitting SEB that the fans are all becoming confused.

First, you claimed that SEB 186 will include the 13 song change (which was proven to be untrue, you guys moved it to 187) and that 187~189 will include ParaPara DVDs. From what I see with the price change (2,300yen) and the 13 song change, I don't see where the ParaPara DVDs will be included in the future. There are also rumors that either the 2nd disc has been completely taken out or that remixes will continue again... What is right? What are you guys doing to SEB?

You guys need to get a definite plan for SEB and stop experimenting after you promise something, and then change it RIGHT BEFORE the release. I think the fans are pretty sick of all of this confusion and indecisiveness...

From D~tan

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  1. Or at least an explanation as to why all of this has been going on would be nice.