Thursday, September 27, 2007

LovePara2 Presents Star Fire Best

According to's forums this CD is going to have repeats from Summer Story as well. Tracks from EMI, Avex, Warner and King as well as some new tracks. DM EX also states that Age Age All The TIme is a new track as well.
Here's a link to the thread on the site

And for those who are lazy
01. Spiderman / Mark Foster
02. Supercar / Mike Snap
03. Long Night / mioco
04. Together and Forever / Aloud
05. Love Happy / Shibuya Trance Advancement Committee
06. White Angel / Ray Blaze
07. Revolution / Kaori
08. Japanese Girl / Ken Martin
09. Fire on the Moon / Aleph
10. Age Age All The Time / Coo Coo

Apparently 43 tracks on the CD and 19 on the DVD.

And on a side note.... Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova 2 is a huuuuuuge let down.


  1. On the side note, do you mean the new tracklist or the machine overall (with old tracks included)? I don't play DDR anymore, but on the off chance I see a new machine I'd like to know what I'm getting into XD

    I was also wondering when they were going to put another "break" in series ala Donki Para. Hopefully the cover won't be a re-edit of vol. 4 8D

  2. I am referring to the Home version that came out yesterday for PS2, the licenses and Konami Originals are almost all boring (though they're some gems in them)