Sunday, February 17, 2008

New info for the 9LoveJ Release coming out on 5/21!

More info on the 9LoveJ release:
Official title: ~超然パラパラ [Chozen ParaPara] Presents~9LoveJ SUPER COLLECTION (CD+DVD)
Release: 5/21
Confirmed Tracks:
- You Are My Paradise/Lou-Lou Marina
- Chica Loca/Jeff Driller
- I Can Be Your Deejay/Mega NRG Man
- Space Love/Fastway
- Bye Bye Paragirl/Sunplaza Nakano feat. DJ Yosshi (AGAIN???)
- Sousei no Aquarion (AGAIN TOO???)
- Shanghai/The Factory Team

This release is to commemorate their 10th anniversary for this year! Congratulations!

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