Thursday, July 9, 2009

Master Blaster - Come Clean

Okay so I just came across a single on iTunes for Master Blaster's cover of Hilary Duff's track "Come Clean" It's jam packs with 10 remixes (17 tracks in total) for only 3.99! Personally my favorite at the moment is the JC Radio Remix which has a bit of that Jason Nevins meets Mike Rizzo feel to it and the No Shouts Electro Remix which has that Infinity (Klaas Mix) vibe going on with it. But all and all the remixes are all pretty good.

Download Come Clean on iTunes

Master Blaster - Come Clean
1.Monday 2 Friday Radio Mix
2.Electro Radio mix
3.Retro Radio Mix
4.Megastylez Radio Mix
5.Zooland Bootleg Radio Mix
6.JC Radio Mix
7.No Shouts Electro Radio Mix
8.Monday 2 Friday Remix
9.Electro Mix
10.Retro Mix
11.Megastylez Remix
12.Zooland Bootleg Mix
13.JC Remix
14.No Shouts Electro Mix
15.Generation87 Remix
16.Moccan s.s Hifi Remix
17.Adam Smith Remix

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