Monday, July 20, 2009

Teresa - Never Ending Story

Already out on iTunes and available for order at comes the fantastic cover of Never Ending Story by Teresa Hewitt! Originally performed in the 1980s by Limahl (Of Wham! fame) for the feature film of the same name, this track has been a favorite across generations of music lovers. Remixers include friends of SEPH JUSTiNB and Disko Warp as well as Cusimon & Co., nr Element and Chris Jay.
All the mixes sound fantastic (my personal favorites being the JustinB and the Italo-Warp Remix) so go check it out today.

Teresa - Never Ending Story on iTunes
Order a CD at CDBaby

Tracklist: (All mixes are radio-friendly)
1. nR Element Mix (3’51”)
2. Italo-Warp Mix (4’25”)
3. Cusimo & Co. Speedy Mix (3’41”)
4. Chris Jay Mix (4’14”)
5. JUSTiNB Mix (4’13”)
6. Disko Warp Mix (3’51”)



  1. Thanks for the mention Javy!

    Oh... Limahl was from Kajagoogoo :)

  2. Really? I thought he was in Wham! with George Michael D=

    ::gets on board the Fail Boat::