Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fright Ranger - Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (Remixes)

So I meant to due this a long time ago but recent a remix single of Disko Warp's earlier hits came out and they are actually quite good!. Available at CDBaby and iTunes I highly recommend you check them out.

01. Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (Ricardo Autobahn Extended Mix). 4.5/5
Okay so the first remix is by Rikki Autobahn that some of you guys make recognize from Spacekats, and Rikki & Daz. It has a fairly mainstream club trance/dance vibe and it's pretty epic and danceable the melody Rikki has going there. Almost perfect though the vocals being sooo autotuned/mechanized do sound a bit out of place in this remix but it doesn't detract me much really. After a few licenses I stopped caring and it was just as enjoyable.

02. Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (Cusimo & Co. Speedy Mix) 4/5
This next remix is a speedy remix from Cusimo & Co. who's had some remixes on the DDR Ultramix/Universe series. Some of which were pretty great and some where pretty meh at best. This one falls close to great side. It's got a great synth and a nice speed. It also has some beat drops while the vocals still go one which make me thing of certain eurobeat tracks. If you like happy hardcore/speed this is the remix for you.

03. Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (Magic Hammer ’til Death Mix) 5/5 - Javier's Choice
Okay this one goes out to all you eurobeat fans. The Magic Hammer remix is brought to us courtesy of Eric Brown who also had a track on Akyr's Super Euro Freak Vol. 2. And gratefull this one blows the SEF track out of the water. For indie eurobeat this is how it should be done. Anyone who calls this amatuer eurobeat definitely needs to get their ears check. Eric could have just settled for rehashing the chorus melody for the synth hook but he took a different turn and crafted a hook that copliments the rest of the track as well as can stand on it's on. Avex you should definitely be watching Eric Brown. If he does more tracks as great as this one then he has a bright future ahead of him.

04. Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (Chris Jay Extended Mix) 2/5
For me this is where the remix single gets a bit dull... It's no secret that I do not like the SAW/PWL/Italo sound all too much. ANd this remix is just plain dull and uninteresting... I've give the remixer credit for the production values because it does sound like a good deal of effort was put into this remix but it does absolutely nothing for me but if you want to stay stuck in the late 80s then I guess this is a great remix for you.

05. Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (Secret Laboratory Remix By Kid Whatever) 1/5
I know chiptune is all the rage with the nerdcore scene I guess but this is definitely a novelty track because there is no other way I can look at this remix... I mean I've heard no vocal chiptunes remixes of other tracks and liked them... Maybe it's the vocals that ruin it for me... The cutesy 8Bit old school music just seems to clash with the post-2000 style of over mechanicized
vocals... It hurts to say this because I love alot Kid Whatever tracks but this is the weakest link of the remix single for me. :(

06. Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire (Initial P Bootleg) 5/5 Javy's Runner Up
And this is the last remix and what a great remix to end with. If the Cusimo & Co remix wasn't fast enough for your then this remix has it for you in spades. This has that great Dancemania Speed down to the letter. Fans of Saifam's Speed Records and CJ Crew of Runaway Music fame should definitely check this out if not buy this remix. A great remix to just freak out too. It's hard to put the epic dance feeling you get from the insanely fast speeds but yeah I guess I just did hahaha.

Overall this is a pretty good remix single. It will be hard to listen to the originals after this set. It feels like ALOT more hard work and polish went into these and I applaud everyone at Disko Warp for there hard work. So if anything definitely pick up the Magic Hammer, Initial P and the Rikki Autobahn remixes of the track. They'd go great at any party, rave,anime con dance.

Over all I give the remix single a 4/5!


::EDIT 11/11/10 I just want to apologize to Eric Brown. I had previously been referring to him as Chris Brown. I am sooo sorry I made my mistake. No Barbadian pop stars were beaten in the creation of the Magic Hammer Remix!

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