Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Most Extreme Ultimate Thunder: The Beginning

1.Dance On Fire: Retribution
3.Love is On The Way (Divine Thunder mix)
4.Pills I Took
5.I’m Gonna Get You
6.The Trident ov Power
7.The Master ov Time, pt. 1: Escape
9.Dance On Fire (Disko Warp 5 alarm mix)
10.Dance On Fire (MAVS remix)

So this release is brought to you by Magic Hammer who gave us that eurobeatasticly (new word hehe) awesome remix of Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire. So this can be expected to be a good release. It should be available in the next two weeks or so since its currently in the mastering phase. So every needs to check this out and support Eric Brown of Magic Hammer. :)

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