Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Eurobeat Rumour Mill

Okay boys and girls so rumours I've been hearing about from a few different places is that Dima Music may be the next label to join the SEB series in the coming future.
Now would that really surprise anyone? So many changes are happening if this does happen no one would (or should) really be surprised. Now if out of nowhere Avex decides to give a contract to Blast! and Plum for the SEB main series that would be a surprise.
Also there is another rumour going on that Maurizio De Jorio (the powerhouse behind D.Essex/NIKO/the real Marko Polo) is still in an exclusive contract with Delta until 2012. Well I can say without a doubt that this is 1000% false. Delta records doesn't have Maurizio at all. I'm sure Newfield wishes he had such a talented vocalist under his belt just like I am sure he wishes he was the one who wrote the real Delta hits like "Yesterday", "Night Of Fire" and "Shibuya Girl".

Well 186 is coming soon so everyone should at least listen to sample and consider BUYING it. Especially since it seems to be the SEB of change.


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