Friday, March 7, 2008

we Love TechPara ~Mission Style III~ + Super Eurobeat Vol. 187

According to the we Love TechPara VI booklet.

we Love TechPara ~Mission Style III~ comes out in July.

Super Eurobeat Vol. 187 comes out in May....

Super Eurobeat 187
7th May 2008


  1. I hope the classic tracks on this one are better than the ones on Mission Style II... And <3 because that means more new tracks from Sinclairestyle


  2. Dont forget the WLTP VI booklet mentions something about 187-189 being Para DVDs! =D

    Or are you waiting for a translation confirmation before saying anything ;P

  3. That's exactly the reason XD

    I had orignally put that part in there, but I decided that I really couldn't understand what it said and I didn't want to open a can of worms (so to speak) with something I couldn't really understand =P So I just posted what was obvious (i.e. what was written in English XP).

    I'll just wait until someone who can read Japanese can confirm what is said... hahahaha