Monday, March 10, 2008

A notice to Avex

Dear Avex,

It has come to my attention that you perceive me to be one a pirater of music, of course I am speaking in regard of the incident at Bahamut Forever back in 2006. I would just like to make it public that I was not there pirating music or download it either, it was forum that had a section about eurobeat and all I did was talk about upcoming releases. I buy all the releases I listen to and do not wish to be categorized with music pirates or anything of the sort. My only goal is to help promote eurobeat and other dance music. The last thing I wish to do is infringe on anyone's rights. So take this as my official statement.
I, Javier M., have nothing to do with pirating music on any forum, and was not part of any sort of pirating on Bahamut Forever's Forums.

Thank you.
Javier M.

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