Thursday, March 13, 2008

ParaPara Classic Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

The following albums from Vibration are now available on US iTunes

Para Para Classic Vol. 1
1.Jackio O - Flippin Out
2.Sharon K - Time To Fly
3.Dee Dee - Hey Hey Baby Cry
4.Betty Blue - Hootchie Cootchi Girl
5.Regina - Sha La La
6.Jimmy Bravo - Hard Body
7.Dominique Pratt - Dum Dum
8.Luna - Crash In My Heart
9.Betty Blue - Good Time
10.Regina - Your Belong To Me
11.Maria Valentino - Be My Lover

Para Para Classic Vol. 2
1.Donna Lee - Leader Of The Game
2.Priscilla - Kill Me With Your Eyes
3.Hot Cold - Love & Money
4.Dee Dee - Forever Wild
5.Luna - Guardian Angel
6.David Bird - Sexy Diva
7.Maria Short - Colours In My Heart
8.Regina - Love Hotel
9.Jackie O - What's Your Game
10.Geena - Vibration
11.David Bird - Heroes Tonight

All tracks are iTunes Plus (DRM Free 256kbps)
Also Dance Goes Pop Vol. 12 and 13 are now available as well as Eurobeat Super Collection (Jellow Virus Concept 1 through 4) which is a set of Energy Revolution tracks *from Euro Panic series*

This is now up
Para Para Classic Vol. 4
1.Betty Blue - Go Go Baby
2.Mike Danger - Give Me Your Soul
3.Luna - Call Me Tonight
4.Queen Regina - Be My Tears
5.Hot Cold - Emotions
6.Maria Short - Bad Angel
7.Betty Blue - We Can Make It Stronger
8.Priscilla - Thinking Of You
9.Mike Danger - Crazy
10.Regina - Honey Honey
11.Dee Dee - She's My Baby

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